The Anniversary

Its been 8 months since the crash that took the lives of Jeremy DeMarcus Price and my unborn 5 month old grandson my daughter was carrying. Not only was Kellie Lynne severly injured but her seven month old grandson also received a brain injury & broken bones like his mother. Patty Carter is Jeremy’s mother, his birthday is December 30th so not only is she having a ruff holiday season but his birthday is right there too. Ms. Carter did not deserve the sentence handed down by Mathew Moore. My daughter remains in a persistant vegetative state and needs 24 hour care, she can not communicate or move with intention. She is trapped, my baby girl is trapped. All this tragedy & more than anyone will ever know behind the scenes is making things so horrible beyond belief. Please continue o pray for our families, we need those prayers. Thank you. To all of you that have blessed us with donations we are so greatful, diapers are so expensive these days & formula forget it! Watching him grow up is gonna be so awsome, so sad his mother isn’t awake, she missed his first steps & hisfirst birthday. God bless all of you.


Short version of what happened

Kellie remains in a persistant vegetative state. On my 23, 2012 kellie was the passenger of a vehicle struck by a drunk driver traveling near 100 mph. Her friend Jeremy DeMarcus Price was Killed at the scene. Her 7 month old son received a traumatic brain injury & broken bones. Kellie, my daughter, recieced a shattered skull, traumatic brain injury, broken neck, broken bones & more. She was a great daughter, she ran track & was prepairing to join the army to become a trauma nurse. Please don’t drink & drive, I am now raising my grandson & taking care of my non-responsive daughter, her life is over & mine is crazy to say the least. The drunk driver has destroyed 2 generations in my family, Kellie was 5 months pregnant. We named the little guy Jeremy DeMarcus Price II. We laid him to rest & his ashes are in a teddy bear that my daughter keeps close to her.

donations to kellie’s expenses and bills

Those of you that have been touched by my daughter Kellie’s story and wish to donate towards her medical expenses can do so here. We need medical transportation for her transplant + expenses.

Thank you for listening to Kellie’s story and for spreading the news to not drink and drive.

God’s favor and blessings on you,

John Seaman