Short version of what happened

Kellie remains in a persistant vegetative state. On my 23, 2012 kellie was the passenger of a vehicle struck by a drunk driver traveling near 100 mph. Her friend Jeremy DeMarcus Price was Killed at the scene. Her 7 month old son received a traumatic brain injury & broken bones. Kellie, my daughter, recieced a shattered skull, traumatic brain injury, broken neck, broken bones & more. She was a great daughter, she ran track & was prepairing to join the army to become a trauma nurse. Please don’t drink & drive, I am now raising my grandson & taking care of my non-responsive daughter, her life is over & mine is crazy to say the least. The drunk driver has destroyed 2 generations in my family, Kellie was 5 months pregnant. We named the little guy Jeremy DeMarcus Price II. We laid him to rest & his ashes are in a teddy bear that my daughter keeps close to her.


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