The Anniversary

Its been 8 months since the crash that took the lives of Jeremy DeMarcus Price and my unborn 5 month old grandson my daughter was carrying. Not only was Kellie Lynne severly injured but her seven month old grandson also received a brain injury & broken bones like his mother. Patty Carter is Jeremy’s mother, his birthday is December 30th so not only is she having a ruff holiday season but his birthday is right there too. Ms. Carter did not deserve the sentence handed down by Mathew Moore. My daughter remains in a persistant vegetative state and needs 24 hour care, she can not communicate or move with intention. She is trapped, my baby girl is trapped. All this tragedy & more than anyone will ever know behind the scenes is making things so horrible beyond belief. Please continue o pray for our families, we need those prayers. Thank you. To all of you that have blessed us with donations we are so greatful, diapers are so expensive these days & formula forget it! Watching him grow up is gonna be so awsome, so sad his mother isn’t awake, she missed his first steps & hisfirst birthday. God bless all of you.


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