Watch “dont drink & drive” on YouTube

Watch "dont drink & drive" on YouTube.


8 months later

Kellie’s 21st birthday was Sunday January 27th. She remains in a persistant vegetative state. We are working with reps & congress to get a few options opened up for treatment for Kellie. I will be pestering the white house as well. If you know of or can think of anything to help get the message out or may help us raise money for Kellie’s care please leave a comment. Thank all of you for your support.

Drunk driving celebrities

Why do people think they are good enough or rich enough to kill or mame your children? This is exacty what drunk drivers do, ain’t no sugar coatin here! The rich & famous seem to be constantly drinking & driving & they can afford not to. This sickens me beyond belief & I’m about to make another public service announcement to express my feelings on this. If you have any input on my next video or have suggestion for a new video please comment. If you havn’t Seen the first video you can see it on this wordpress blog or go to seadaddy101 on youtube & view “don’t drink & drive” God bless all of you for your input & prayers

Kellies Homecare

Now that Kellie is home we are scrambling to find a van to transport her to & from the doctors office. If you have any suggestions or would like to donate please do so here. You can
Donate on the “donations for kellies expenses” link from the main page. Kellie remains in a persistant vegetative state & the prognosis isn’t good. We are raising funds to get congress to approve non-FDA approved medicine & treatments but have a long way to go finacially. God bless all of you for sharing & the parayers & support are so encouraging!

Kellie has come home

On December 26th Kellies mother took her to her home in Mesquite,Tx. & she has around the clock care there. We are now looking after her & my grandson Jeremiuh the best we can. The responsibility of care always falls on loved ones, its of course not only the best thing but its the right thing to do. Our responsability as a parent doesn’t end, ever! God loves us and provides as he see’s fit. He uses all things for his glory wether we like them or not. Thank you for your prayers & support.
John D Seaman