Fixation Techniques for Split Anterior Tibialis Transfer in Spastic Equinovarus Feet




Kellie is continuing to battle pnuemonia & other organ issues. If we don’t get her mobile soon she will start having organ failure & die. We need a quadricisor to get her body moving & muscles exercised but insurance won’t yet cover it. They run $15-25 thousand dollars & I am trying to pick up as much work as possible to get it for her. Her next option along with the equipment is a biomaterial to re-generate her brain tissue that was lost. The stemcell transplant will also do the same but together they are showing incredible results. Patients like Kellie have started walking, talking & living more normal lives. Unfortunately those proceedures are nearly $100,000 each & again not covered. If you navigate to stemcell petition on this wordpress site & sign the petition we can get congress to approve the payment for these proceedures. If we were rich Kellie would have the best of everything right now, drunk drivers don’t care what your finacial standing is. They kill and mame without discretion & no finacial obligation because the almost never have insurance or money to help pay for the mess they leave behind. Please pray that God gives her everything she needs to recover, its almost 1 year since the crash that destroyed so many lives. Thank you all.