Staying positive

There are no failures in life, only lessons. If we keep calling things failures, we tend to feel as such. Stay positive and value those lessons. We use those lessons to further the kingdom and that is how we bruise the devils head. Remember, things aren’t happening to you, for you, or against you, they are just happening. Your job isn’t to control what happens. Your job is to control how you react to what happens. How you react to what happens will determine how your life unfolds from that point forward. If you respond with drama, you’ll have a drama filled life. If you respond calmly and with love, well, you get the picture.
Go be the difference my friends.


Moving forward in 2015

It appears that our vision will begin In just a couple months. I’ve been invited to move with a couple church members to our 14 acre ranch in Sedro-Woolley Washington where we can begin our Animal Rescue facility. We have already been caring for homeless and addicted people there as well as others who have been cast aside by society. If things go as planned, i will be joining them at the end of April. We have been offered a good deal to purchase the property and are working hard to make this vision come to pass. Thank you all for the continued prayers and support. -John Seaman