My insane adventure to deliver a message

I can’t begin to tell you how crazy things were after accepting the speaking engagement in Texas this past week. First, the date I thought I was speaking was wrong, so I had to make an attempt to change my flight. For the sake of time, I’ll cut that short by saying it took a few days and a little more money to make that happen, but I got it handled in time. The place I lined up to stay was with a “christian” man I met through a church that helped with low cost housing for me when I was with my daughter. He would take me to lunch from time to time and seemed to be a nice guy. I asked to stay with him and he was glad to help, we’ll get back to that in a bit.
There were a few other minor things that made my trip difficult to plan and arrange but again, for times sake, we’ll just say they got handled in short order with help from my parents and grandmother.
As I took off I knew it would be a long day. My flight had 2 stops and 1 transfer. My transfer was in “Orange County, Santa Ana” and I had fallen asleep on the flight. I awakened to the pilot announcing “we have arrived in Orange County, San Jose. If you are continuing on to Houston we will be leaving after we unload and load passengers.”  I was a bit confused so I asked the flight attendent if I was supposed to get off here and showed her my ticket. She told me this was where I transferred, so yes, and I got off the plane. I almost went to get a bite to eat after a quick bathroom break but decided to head to my terminal, which was empty. I asked a guy at the counter if my flight was coming in and explained what had just happened. He was just a computer tech but checked my info for me, nice guy, and he told me I needed to get back on the plane I had just got off of. The race was on and through some small mirical I got back on my flight. After my next stop, I got my plane to Dallas and was relieved to arrive there. My ride picked me up about a hour later.
It was unusually cold for Texas but I was prepared. It stormed every day until the morning I left, I had packed 3 pairs of shorts and one pair of jeans. My bad, should have checked the forecast.

We arrived at the house I was to be staying at and I was immediatley overwhelmed by the smell of cat urine and feces. The house was obviousley that of a hoarder, organized trash everywhere that formed a path through the entire house, but I was on a mission bigger than the mess I had in front of me. I was a bit taken back by the request to remove my shoes, the carpet was covered in filth, mostly urine and feces stains. So, now I’m walking through the house to the room where I’m to sleep in. There was a cat box outside my door with shredded newspaper, covered in cat mess. The cats had scratched most of the used paper out of the box which was at the entry of my door.
My room was not any better, my private bathroom was a regular bathroom break for one the cats and I had a present to pick up each morning.
Every night I prayed for sleep so I could overcome the smell that was overwhelming me. Still, the mission was far more important than my situation.
I had a great meeting with my attorney the eve of my speech and he fed me well, thank God.
The man I was staying with also told me I didn’t need to worry about any meals, but he didn’t feed me once. He also drank the entire visit. It was getting late so I contacted Patty, who was my ride and the other speaker for the event. She had something come up and now I had to scramble to figure out how I was going to get 60 plus miles the next morning for the event, and it was late in the evening. I would also need to figure out how to use her speaking time up at the event.
I made several attempts to find a ride but people didn’t answer or they weren’t available to take me, so I borrowed money to take the train, that was a small mirical borrowing the money too. My MADD advocate (Suzette Pylant) met me half way and gave me a ride. It took 2 trains and 3 hours but I made it. The event went very well, it was worth the whole adventure. Suzette bought me some food, again, thank God! Then it was 2 trains home, which turned into 3 trains and an extra hour.

Upon returning to where I stayed, I was again overwhelmed by the stench in the house, and once again, no food. I had 2 meals in 4 days, thank God for those meals.
I tried to sleep early, my host wanted to “spend time with me” which meant he wanted me to watch the Bruce Jenner Trans sexual interview with him, oh joy, I can’t imagine anything two grown hetrosexual men would enjoy more together.
After that sack of fun, I hit the urine stenched bed and prayed for morning. My flight back was direct and only 4 hours and 10 minutes. I was wiped out both physically and emotionally. The weeks leading up to the event had been filled with revisiting horrible memories and graphic pictures in order to tell our story of my baby girl. I was ready to come home and relax and eat some good food.
Upon arriving, things didn’t get much better. I came home and my cat was missing. This broke me down. All my emotions came out and I needed to leave the ranch for a couple days. It was all very overwhelming. A couple days later I returned home, still sad but healing and trying to put myself back together to do it all again. I have no plans on quitting or making this a one time deal. I am not surprised by the attacks for doing good, just overwhelmed. In the end, Jesus wins my love and I will continue to do what is right.
Anyway, I’m home now and I got a story out of the adventure, all is returning to normal.
A special thank you to all our friends following this blog.

John Seaman




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