Fighting addiction in a world of selfishness

Addiction is one of the most selfish and self serving diseases we can allow in our lives. Yes, I said allow. Addiction is caused by a series of choices that revolve around self loathing and pity.

Something has happened in our lives to make us “feel” like we’ve been set up and wronged in this world and now everyone should feel sorry for us and understand that we have “special circumstances” that have made us this way.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble like mine was, but millions of people have horrible pasts, terrible circumstances, and horrifying family issues that they handle without running to dope, alcohol, gambling, sex, or anything else that is self destructive to help them forget or cover their issues.

If I sound a bit harsh about addiction, it’s because I was there and now realize just how destructive my selfish behavior was to everyone I loved. Looking back at my life as a criminal, I realize that everything I did was self serving. If it didn’t benefit me in some way, I didn’t get involved. The drug world is full of sharks like me, waiting to pounce on young, inexperienced, victims.

Now, my heart breaks when I see or hear of someone I know in that world because I know what happens there. Now that I’ve turned my life around it is my life’s mission to help others WHO ARE READY to change. there is a huge difference in someone who wants to change and someone who is ready.

Kellies Crises Center and Retreat is preparing to open its doors to anyone who is broken, tired, and looking for answers. Our original intent was to help grieving parents, which we will still do, but our ministry is God’s, not our own. God has gifted myself and a few others in our circle with the gift to help people kick addiction and gain their freedom back. Imagine no more addiction in your life. Our faith based crises center is waiting to help set you free. We welcome people of all walks of life and all backgrounds.

In Christ, old things pass away. Behold, all things become new.


If you would like to become a regular contributor, church member, or have someone who is in crises, feel free to contact me personally.


Thank you and may God Bless you all.

John D Seaman

If you would like to help us open and continue operating, please donate at the following link. We are a church and can give charitable receipts for donations received.



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