Death of a child, living testimony

In memory of Kellie, her unborn baby, and Jeremy, I have been working on building a retreat for grieving parents and others suffering loss.
We are currently at a standstill, money and support is almost all gone. As we rush to start some fundraisers, I’m healing from neck surgery. It seems the Lord’s timing is always perfect.

Our facilities will not just help grieving loved ones but will also serve as a place for people who are struggling and need a hand up. We are going to open our doors to anyone God sends our way and help them with their basic needs to give them a fair chance at returning to a somewhat “normal” life again.

I believe that the way to change this world is to get involved in the lives of those in need and give them actual help, encouragement, and a decent shot at life. This is deeply involved process that includes changing diet, changing habits, lifestyle, finances, and much more. Some people need to start from scratch and learn EVERYTHING all over.

I believe this world wants to help these people but are afraid, intimidated, or they have been convinced that it’s a waste of time.
I believe it’s what Christ intended for us to do:

And Jesus answered; love the Lord thy God with all your heart, your soul, and your mind. And the second is like the first, love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two things hang all the laws and all the prophets.
This is how we know the difference of those that serve God and those that are false teachers. We can test all these other so called prophets by these two things as well. Then you can make a decision who is the living God to follow. Jesus is the only one that lived and died an innocent man. He is also the only one who arose from the dead and was witnessed in the flesh by over 500 people for 30 days before ascending into heaven. Jesus did everything publicly, His teachings and his life were spread by the same public that witnessed these things. These other guys don’t hold a candle to the life, death, or resurrection of Jesus Christ. All the information is there, you choose to either believe or not. It is not our job as Christians to make you believe. Our job is to live like Jesus who loved his neighbors, healed the sick, fed the hungry, and cared for the least of these. Our lives should be a living testimony, but we fail because we are living in a stacked deck. We need Jesus for that very reason, Grace. He took the punishment for our sins, past, present, and future. When we choose to live for Christ, we strive to free ourselves from the bondage that makes us do bad things. So, If we die and find out their is no God, and we lived a life in service to mankind caring for the sick, elderly, widows and orphans, then what do we lose? Nothing, but we have lived our lives in service of our fellow man so our life has made a positive difference. Now if there is a God and we did all these things for and because of God’s love for us, then I say we have pleased our Father and the benefits I hear are great. Now you may do good things your whole life, but reject God, do you really expect Him to come running? Not only have you rejected him, but you have encouraged others to do the same, and you expect Him to stand in your defense? Sorry my friend, Jesus loves you and wants you to live for Him, but you trust the people who influence you instead of your creator. Who we put our trust in is the root of our character. Putting your trust in yourself or others, knowing people are self sefving, is reckless.
Who do you put your trust in when it comes to the subject matter of your soul? Where do you draw your hope from? Do you have hope? Do you trust man over a higher power?

We all die. When we die, something happens. Even if that something is nothing, something happens. Are you willing to put your trust in the hands of your own limited knowledge? Are putting your trust in men that have spent their ENTIRE lives directing others away from God? Knowing how flawed mankind is, are you willing to risk eternity on these men you’ve put your trust in?
It’s worth the time to investigate for yourself. You and you alone are responsible for the choices you make. Putting your trust in men is a dangerous risk and it has already influenced your bias.
To me, it is the most important and personal decision a person will make in their entire life.
Both sides take faith to believe, so who are you putting your faith in? Man, or a creator?

If you would like to know more about our retreat, our mission, or how you can start serving God, feel free to message me.

Thank you and God Bless,

John Seaman



2 thoughts on “Death of a child, living testimony

  1. John first off I”m so sorry for your tragic loss. I just lost my son David of 28 years to a driver that had been drinking My son fought a huge battle that ended his life August 10th,2016. The driver who ran over and not only killed my son but also took the love of his life that night. I will be raising his 2 little boys now. I’m at a huge loss. To add salt to the wound the driver is not facing any fines let alone charges. I am fighting an uphill battle for justice now. Thank you so much for your blog. I know that you understand the pain.

    1. Dellene, I’m so sorry. I know words fall short for comfort, but please know I’m here for you. My cell number is public, 425-359-0028. Call me anytime and I’ll try to help you through this. It’s just beginning, it gets tougher and you need people to stand with you, and I will. I’m praying for you and will look for your call or message.

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