our mission

This page is dedicated to the victims and the families of victims of drunk drivers, feel free to ask questions, post comments, stories & help on this page. We are here for each other, we support each other & fight together to stop the madness!


5 thoughts on “our mission

  1. I wish you the best I can ! I hope people reckognize this website and contribute ! Make people aware about the tragedies of driving under influence.

    1. Thank you Sonny, we are just starting up so be patient. Tonight on channel 8 at 5pm there will be a story about my daughter. This is in Dallas tx. I will share the link as soon as I can. I look forward to you sharing your comments & ideas with us here. God bless you.

  2. Hi. I saw the video that you made to show people the consequences of drinking and driving. I had a good friend who was killed by a drunk driver and it still amazes me that there is even one person left in this country who does not realize the devastation that drinking and driving can cause. Thank you for being willing to talk about your struggle in order to try to spare other families from having to go through the pain and loss that result from these types of traffic collisions. God bless you.

    1. I am trying to show the crime scene before the crime is comitted. People have been trying to make this a discussion about everything except the fact that this is a choice we make and continue to allow others to make at the expense of our society & our children. God bless you, thank you for sharing your story, together we will be heard. We are the difference!

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