Our mission and vision is coming together

I have been looking into land to purchase in Eastern Washington state to build our faith based rehab center and animal rescue site. I have found numerous places that would be fantastic for our vision and mission.
Our vision is to bring people to a place where they are free from the pressure and temptations of the world and help them learn basic skills that will help them get their life back.
I would love to be able to provide free services, however it will cost about $600 per person per month.
I will be working as a local missionary of sorts to get funding directly from church’s and businesses to help us fund our ministry.
We will help families and church’s with members that want to be set free from addictions of all types. There will be no need to advertise other than through the church. So many families are struggling with someone close to them in their addiction. We want to bring hope to these people.
If you would like to be a part of this or would like to help fund this great ministry, feel free to message me or donate to the link below.
Thank you all and God bless.

John D Seaman



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